ARC Review: "Taken to Lemora" (Xiveri Mates #6) by Elizabeth Stephens

Taken to Lemora by Elizabeth Stephens
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My horns itch and I hate it. I’m a Lemoran clan chief and I hate that I’m being forced to schmooze with the other Quadrant dignitaries.

Looking for a way out, I run into flesh peddlers. Pagh! I hate flesh peddlers and I’m not interested in what they’re selling!

Until I see her…

Half human, Essmira’s soft, and I hate that she’s so easy to break. I hate that her beauty makes my horns and heart both ache. And most of all, I hate that she has no idea that she’s my mate.

A female must always smile. She must always aim to please. She must always obey.

A pleasure female, that’s what I’ve spent my whole life training to be. Now that I’ve been purchased by a Lemoran clan chief, I’m more than happy to please him. But his pleasure might be out of my reach.

Because he doesn’t want me to be a pleasure female anymore. He wants me to be…me.

Taken to Lemora is a full length (85k word) SciFi alien romance that features one grumpy alien and a hybrid human female just discovering freedom and eager to grab it by the horns. Literally. Lemora is the not-too-distant neighbor of Voraxia and while this book cameos a couple familiar faces, it focuses on a new couple in a new constellation and can easily be read as a standalone.



I received an e-ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review. 

I am a sucker for heroines who discover their own strength after experiencing hardships. Essmira, a woman trained to become a pleasure slave, is rescued by Raingar, the Lemoran clan chief, and she is taken to the Lemora. A planet where anyone can be anything they want. And the loveliest part of this book was how everyone tried to give to Essmira a way of life far from being a slave.

I have to admit that Raingar was hilarious in his grumpy way and how much he adored Essmira. Of course, the cameos of characters from the previous books were welcome as also the mysterious Sky assassin and Ashmara.

I also liked how Essmira had to overcome her trauma which was completely understandable and how much she found support, even if Raingar was a little negative towards her and I wanted to smack some sense into him.

Overall this is yet another amazing sequel to the series which expands this world and makes you carve for the next book!

About the author:

Tough heroines & possessive Alphas solve mysteries, fight epic battles, and fall in love in Elizabeth's diverse romance & SciFi novels.

Elizabeth Stephens has been living in a fantasy world since she was 11, and in 2015 finally translated her imagination to print! An author of romantic suspense and science fiction, she is a big fan of inclusion and her books always include kick ass ladies of color.

When she isn't found writing, you'll also see her getting her hands dirty by throwing pottery, or working as a communications consultant for privacy and human rights organizations. With origins in Seattle, Atlanta, and Bamako, she currently lives in Berlin with her loving husband and doggo, King Louis.

​To find out more about her projects and upcoming releases visit her website at

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