About me

The short version:

Alexandra Perchanidou is the owner of Milky Way of Books, a blog dedicated to everything bookish since 2013.

She is the author of Three Ghosts for Anastasia, her YA PNR trilogy which was showcased on Tapas. It's about a girl who gets haunted by an ancient Greek soldier, a samurai, and a Native American shaman as she goes on slashing adventures with her Grim Reaper boss, Marco. The rest of her books are available on Wattpad to enjoy.

She lives in Greece where the sun is hot, the sea is blue and mythology runs through her veins.

The long version:

Milky Way of Books began as an idea after scrolling through the Internet and after having read the English version of the books by Veronica Rossi, Jennifer Armentrout, and Beth Revis. My obsession with Sarah J. Maas followed shortly after.
I love reading as it gives me both an escape and also it makes me feel better both as a human and a woman. Authors of every race, color, religion, and sexual orientation teach me about the world through the eyes of their own characters and I couldn't be happier for this. I hope one day to publish traditionally all the books I have written on Wattpad and hopefully have Netflix adapt them into series.
I also dream of meeting my favorite authors too, but none of them ever comes to Greece...so...bummer.

I love connecting through the blog with every fellow blogger in the globe and I am always open to new experiences.

I hoard enamel pins based on the bookish couples and OTPs, as proved by my Instagram account.

Give me ice cream, chocolate and a library like Belle's and you have my heart. (I also hope my future soulmate will be reading this.)
I'm also a Hufflepuff, so you get a glimpse of my character.

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