FLUX Blog Tour: Review

   Today I am pleased to invite you to my stop on the blog tour of FLUX by Ellie Carstens! A new debut novel from REUTS Publications, which has a mysterious combination of Romance, Vikings and... aliens!
   Also Ellie has stopped by to answer some of my questions. :) Without delay here we go!

The last thing sixteen-year-old Alaina Oftedahl-Miller expected was to watch her mom brutally destroy their life.
But, in the wake of tragedy, strength forms. Shipped off to live with her birth father, Alaina finds herself dealing with more than just being the new Canadian girl in a Norwegian school. Juggling the formation of a relationship with the man who abandoned her as a child, and a budding attraction to KaiusVargøy–the mysterious, beautiful classmate who’s been assigned as her personal translator–Alaina can’t shake the feeling that every move she makes is being watched. Judged.

She soon learns there’s far more to this sleepy Norwegian town than she ever imagined. Kaius and his friends aren’t exactly what they seem, and the repercussions of that could send her traveling through the most unexpected experience of her life. Murder and relocation is one thing, but add in supernatural occurrences and Vikings, and even she may not have the strength to survive. 
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Book Review

   While the book blurp was the first that caught my attention, I was glad for the chance to fully read the novel and write about it. For the lovers of Jennifer Armentrout's LUX series and Tessa Gratton's The United States of Asgard Flux combines in perfect harmoy, sci-fi, historical fiction and mythology not to mention romance!
   The story follows Alaina, a girl who's life had taken a grave toll and moves from Toronto to Norway. There she will have to deal with her new life, a father who had years to see and know as also the enigmatic but dead gorgeous Kaius, her new classmate and translator. Kaius and his company, Kamille, Sinja, Magnus and Aleksander are more than what they show and it's not too early for Alaina to fall into their strange yet open, kind hearted world. But darkness lurks and soon Kaius and Alaina will have more to deal with than their feeling for each other.
The POV is told by Alaina and sometimes Kaius. Iliked the way Alaina tries to deal with her new home and life. Despite her fear she makes friends and proves to be a brave girl. Kaius on the other hand, is sweet like a pie (chocolate please!). He cares deeply for Alaina and his friends and you would freak if you found out how long Kaius waited for Alaina. It was adorable and soul wreaking!
As for what will happen? Ellie Carstens style, which is deep descriptive and emotional, is to be praised and I hope to read more of the gang's adventures be it with Vikings or not! :)

Ellie Carstens

For as long as she can recall, Ellie Carstenshas been a huge fan of reading.The genre and content are not important as long as the story holds her captive. She believes that life is too short to be taken seriously all the time and to lose one’s self in a good book is an escape worth taking. Now, she writes science fiction, fantasy, romance, and beyond, creating stories that will hopefully bring that same passion for reading to others.
Flux is her debut title and the first in a Young Adult sci-fi/romance trilogy.

"Fearscape" Good Reads review

Fearscape (Horrorscape, #1)Fearscape by Nenia Campbell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nenia Campbell has a way with words and descriptions. That was my first thought when I began reading "Fearscape". I had first read her other works and I was relucant on how i would see this one.

We have Val, a nice good natured girl with love for animals and art.
And we have Gavin the contrast of Val. He is obsessed with her and this chase will result into a very, very forthcoming ending.

What i liked? The social drawing of the school, the worries of a 14 years old girl over love, friendship and hatred.
I disliked the way Val's parents handled their daughter, which is a sign on my opinion of how far parents feel from their kids, especially on their teenage years.

Heading to the secnd book, I fear on what Gavin has planned for Val... let's find out.

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Mundie Moms: The 15 Most Anticipated YA Books Being Released in...

Mundie Moms: The 15 Most Anticipated YA Books Being Released in...: I LOVE the book lists that Epic Reads creates, and the monthly book release one is one of my all time favorite. Here is their list for ...

CHRISTINA READS YA: Books to Anticipate ( ARC Giveaway)

CHRISTINA READS YA: Books to Anticipate ( ARC Giveaway)

Blog Tour: Review of "The Rose Master" by Valentina Cano +author guest post!

I am pleased to announce you the new release of REUTS Publications and the work of a talented author, who combines the love of "Beauty and the Beast" with the mystery of "Jane Eyre". The "Rose Master" is a story of pain, love and forgiveness! I hope to enjoy it just like I did!

The Book

The day Anne Tinning turns seventeen, birds fall from the sky. But that's hardly the most upsetting news. She's being dismissed from the home she's served at since she was a child, and shipped off to become the newly hired parlor maid for a place she's never heard of. And when she sees the run-down, isolated house, she instantly knows why:
There's something wrong with Rosewood Manor.
Staffed with only three other servants, all gripped by icy silence and inexplicable bruises, and inhabited by a young master who is as cold as the place itself, the house is shrouded in neglect and thick with fear. Her questions are met with hushed whispers, and she soon finds herself alone in the empty halls, left to tidy and clean rooms no one visits.
As the feeling of being watched grows, she begins to realize there is something else in the house with them--some creature that stalks the frozen halls and claws at her door. A creature that seems intent on harming her.
When a fire leaves Anne trapped in the manor with its Master, she finally demands to know why. But as she forces the truth about what haunts the grounds from Lord Grey, she learns secrets she isn't prepared for. The creature is very real, and she's the only one who can help him stop it.
Now, Anne must either risk her life for the young man she's grown to admire, or abandon her post while she still can.
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                                                                                Book Review

Gothic novels always held a mysterious part on my selves. The "Rose Master" was my first book of the genre and I was not disappointed. Emotional, deep in Victorian style as also the mystery of both the Lord and the manor, the author manages to capture both the sense of the era and the characters' struggles.

We have Anne. She is a young servant who is sent to work at Roesewood Manor. Despite the secrets which lurk, literally on every corner, she is strong, confident on her work as also shy. I liked her witty attitude and the way her feelings envolved during the passing of the plot.

Then, it's Lord Grey. His name matches the mood, since he is a fine example of a tortured soul, who struggles with the choices he made and the past which haunts him. I will not say anything about *ahem* his... skills but despite his appearance he is determinated.

The setting fits the cover and the feeling Valentina tries to pass on the reader and the ending is truly satisfying, with the fleeting feeling of a new book and more adventures for Anne and August. I will be waiting eagerly for more from Valentina since her writting is really promising. :D

                                                 Author Guest Post

Manors and their Secrets: The Gothic Novel

  Victorian England has always fascinated me. I was raised on a diet of Gothic fiction of all sorts, but the ones that stayed with me have always been the English novels like Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Rebecca and a host of others.

  I think what caught my attention, more than anything else in these novels, was the intimate atmosphere that the author created. In all the novels I’ve ever loved, there is a real sense of place. In most cases, this means a wonderfully spooky manor. For me, the scarier the manor and the more secrets it holds, the better. Think of Jane Eyre’s Thornfield Hall, with its whispers and forbidden rooms, or Manderley and its caretaker. There is something about sitting with these novels and reading about the oppressive atmosphere that the heroine (as it usually is a woman) is slowly submerged into.

  In The Rose Master, I wanted to give a nod to all of these wonderful classics that made my childhood such an exciting and chilling experience. With Rosewood Manor, I tried to bring in all of those elements: secrets, oppressive atmosphere, isolation, and, of course, a sense of impending danger.

Although the Gothic novel has become less common than it used to be, it still has its devoted fans and you can count me firmly as one of them. It is probably my favorite genre to read and definitely my favorite genre to write. I hope that The Rose Master can bring to its readers the sense of delicious fear that a Gothic novel is supposed to create. 

                                                The author

Valentina Cano is a student of classical singing who spends whatever free time she has either reading or writing. She also watches over a veritable army of pets, including her five, very spoiled, snakes. Her works have appeared in numerous publications and her poetry has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Web. She lives in Miami, Florida.

Double Good Reads Review: "Evertrue" and "Unraveling"

Unraveling (Unraveling, #1)Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Strange thoughts on this one

When I began reading "Unraveling" I had the vague thinking that it would be a DFN. Luckily, I understood that it was the author's way to introduce slowly the plot and kick up the plot gears very quickly.

Janelle gets hit by a truck and strangely saved by Ben, the 'outcast' of her school. From that point mysterious deaths plague San Diego and soon Janelle will have to do everything in her powers in order to save her family... and her world.

The mystery and action keeps you very, very concentreated while there's no point in which you will gasp from the relevations. Big in length it but descriptive it's narrated by Janelle's POV, and covers pretty much everything.

For me: 5 of 5 stars

View all my reviews Evertrue (Everneath, #3)Evertrue by Brodi Ashton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

YUP, a finalle!

With Jack on her side Nik tries to destroy Everneath. Like Hercule's labors there's the mystery and the heartbreaking ending.

While I was glad for the ending and the proof of redemption in it, I couldn't help but feel bad for Cole. From a bad, really bad guy he became good in my eyes with a tortured past and choices. But the ending was just for him.

Becks struggles with her transformation and for a moment I feared for her and Jack. It was SO wrong for them in the whole trilogy. But Brodi didn't let me down.

I hope to read more of her stories! :) For now 5 of 5 stars

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The Defector Blog tour!

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"Dreams of Gods and Monsters" Good Reads review

Dreams of Gods & Monsters (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #3)Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


An absolutely stunning ending on a trilogy which kept us all tight on our seats, sofas and more!

Karou, Akiva, Liraz, Ziri and the rest of the gang try to form a plan in order to stop Jael from taking over arms from Earth. While there's chaos, as usual, among humans, there's a mysterious woman, Eliza, whose role later is stunningly analyzed on the story. ;)

Finally we have redemption between Akiva and Karou while my next favorite pair, after Zuzana and Mik, bacame Liraz and Ziri! I would really love a novella with these two! :)
While the ending leaves some spots wary, there is the satisfaction and above all the hope of a better future and a better world for all.

A poetry among novels and surely unforgotten!

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"Everbound" Good Reads review

Everbound (Everneath, #2)Everbound by Brodi Ashton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dante's Inferno in a different form! 5 of 5 stars

Nik and Cole emrge on a journey in order to save Jack. Well, we have fire, earth, water and some nice guys who like sucking life force out of you; it can't be that bad!

With flashbacks on Nik's past and Cole's role spiraling the second book of the series the author keeps you so entagled with the story you forget the surroundings! Even the Queen has a tragic past, not to mention JACK!
The read was nice and smooth with a the great descrptions and the catching of Nik's felings. And the ending... I'll let ou get to that. ;D

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