Review: "My Happy Marriage, Light Novel Vol. 1 by Akumi Agitogi, Tsukiho Tsukioka (Visual Art)

My Happy Marriage, Vol. 1 by Akumi Agitogi

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Born to a noble family, Miyo is raised by her abusive stepmother and married off to Kiyoka, a soldier so heartless his prior fiancées fled within three days into their engagement. With no home to return to, Miyo slowly starts to open her heart to her cold and pale husband-to-be, despite their rocky introduction... This might just be her chance at finding true love and happiness.  




I received this e-ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

The last time I read a light novel was the first book of the Kieli series, and that happened after I had read the manga. In the case of this small gem, I first saw the anime trailer on Youtube, I fell in love with the art and the colors and hence I dove into Edelweiss. I was very lucky to get the chance to review this and I certainly plan to try the manga too.

In an alternative Meiji/Taisho era, where people have supernatural abilities and fight demon-like entities, marrying well into the families that have such abilities is a must.

Miyo is the mistreated daughter of the Saimoro family; living as a servant with her stepmother and stepdaughter, Miyo's also half-sister, abusing her, she has no hope of ever escaping her fate as she was born bearing no supernatural gift, like her half-sister. When her father marries her off to the Kudo family, where rumors speak of its master being a cold and harsh man, Miyo will soon discover that her husband-to-be, Kiyoka Kudo, is not the hard man everyone thinks.

As they slowly grow to get to know each other Miyo will discover her self-worth and find herself capable of being worthy of love.

This was a sweet read. Sure the trigger warnings of abuse are evident and as a past victim of bullying, I did find it disturbing as it always is. I loved the descriptions and the alternative era we find ourselves in this story. Needless to say that Kiyoka may look like a cold man but he also slowly falls in love with her too.

I will try to get my hands to the other two books of the series when they will be translated to English but so far this was a very sweet and good read

And don't miss the chance to check the upcoming anime!

About the author:

Akumi Agitogi is the author of "My Happy Marriage" light novel series

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