Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Book Quotes

This meme is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.
This week’s topic is Top Ten Tuesday #140: Favorite bookish quotes! I do have some in mind so here we go!

                                                 -  “What do stars do? They shine.” 

                                         - “The ability to feel is a strength, not a weakness.” 

                                                               - “Here, with her, he was home.” 

- “She smiled then, her cheeks red, her cheeks scattered with some kind of dust. It was a smile he thought he might die to earn again.”

(Beacuse I do love Kaz's POV!)

                   - “I leave my heart and my kingdom in your capable hands, wife.” 

- “I think you’re a fairy tale. I think you’re magical, and brave, and exquisite. And I hope you'll let me be in your story.” 

     - “Love is giving the world away, and being loved is having the whole world to give.”

             - “I would love you in any shape, in any world, with any past. Never doubt that.”

- “She was a thief, a runaway, a pirate, a magician.
She was fierce, and powerful, and terrifying.
She was still a mystery.
And he loved her.”

- “Love and loss,” he said, “are like a ship and the sea. They rise together. The more we love, the more we have to lose. But the only way to avoid loss is to avoid love. And what a sad world that would be.” 

                                                  - “I think I died to be reborn with you” 


- “We curse everything, for we are cursed, and we have no arms to shelter her and no lips to press to her hair and above all no words to tell her that we know loss and we know pain and if they were monsters we could fight we would have slain them in her name long ago like the heroes of old. But we are not a hero. We are cursed.”

- “You have me. Until every last star in the galaxy dies. 
You have me.”

                            - “Hey, heart. Are you listening? You and I are officially at war.” 

           - “They had an ordinary life, full of ordinary things-if love can ever be called that.” 

- “We are simply two good people with equally flawed pasts, looking for perfect futures. And I think we’ve found it, in each other.”

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