Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cover Reveal: Not-So-Local Legends of Triumph & Terror Anthology by REUTS Publications

Welcome to yet another cover reveal! But this one is really special to me, since I am one of the authors below!! But let's take it from the beginning:

On November 2014, REUTS Publications asked and called all the authors to participate on a challenge similar to the spirit of NaNoWriMo. They would take myths and legends based on a particular theme and change them according to the challenge!

From this competition, the following authors won and their stories will be featured in the upcoming anthology!!! Take a look on this cover! Old dusty cover, ready to sweep you with stories of myths and legends retold adding spice, horror and romance!

The second annual collection of short stories presented by REUTS
Publications. Authors competed weekly with their unique twists on world

Congrats to this years winners: 
 Felicia Anderson 
Shawn Thomas Anderson 
CC Dowling 
N.H. Fennecus 
Drew Hayes 
Michelle Hoehn 
Scott Hughey 
Shannara Johnson 
Jennifer McCoy
 Kathleen Palm 
Alexandra Perchanidou
 Debra Vega 
Summer Wier 
Melody Winter 

 Release Date: Fall 2015

So make sure to add the book on GoodReads and stay tuned for more info!