Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Can’t Believe I Read

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This week’s topic is Top Ten Tuesday #136: Boks I can't believe I read.
For this list, I'll include some books I read because they were popular at that time, or because I was just plain curious. Usually, I tend to move towards the YA and the NA section but sometimes I treat myself something darker, or sexier than usual.

Trigger warning: some of these books are NOT for readers under 18 years old and may contain themes that are not suitable for younger readers.

6: Pretty Stolen Dolls series: I seriously do not understand what made me pick that book. I thought that it would have some bad scenes with a trip to redemption and romance. But nooo, I got a really hard plot to stomach and from reviews, I saw that the sequels are ever grittier. Proceed with caution.

5: Ice Planet Barbarians series: The first book had some good points of action, harsh alien environment and...well blue aliens. But from one point on it became repetitive for me. If you like sci-fi romance then this is for you.

4: Fifty Shades of Grey series: I remember when the book was translated in Greek and everyone here were reading it like maniacs! I admit that this was the first book that made me realise that BDSM was actually something real. I'm still surprised with myself how I made it to the final book...

3: Grey (spin-off series): Again, I must have been drunk when I picked this book. I stopped reading by the middle of it.

2: Twilight, the graphic novel: I admit that I picked this up because I wanted to see MY JACOB! I love the art in this graphic novel, not to mention that the characters look...prettier. (#sorrynotsorry)

1: Brides of the Kindred series: The premise of the series is really good! Bad aliens are ready to attack Earth. Good aliens save the Earth and ask in return for brides from our planet because a virus destroyed the females of their kind. There is also the premise of "the mate" (winks to Rhysand), adventure, some seriously crazy aliens and lots of fan-yourself scenes. And HEA. This is the only series I'm still reading and liking.

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