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In which I discuss about the top 5 book friendships! I may also include some friendship-to love books!

What's more important than the love interest in a book? It's the friends the character makes or already have in the beginning. A friend can help the character grow mentally and  emotionally and even sometimes they can fall in love. 

Other times, friendships don't last, but that doesn't mean that you can't make new ones! Here's some fine examples of books where I celebrate friendship!

Friendship blooms into Paris but can it also turn into love? It's a sweet story with a great group of characters!

A book with diversity, music and romance, this one is maybe Colleen's best book ever! The lyrics inside have also been adapted into songs by Griffin Peterson.

If you count in the Greek mythology and the best storyline I've seen, Percy's story is also a very enjoyable one! Not to mention the friends he makes!

This is the fine example where friendship matters even more than romance. And maybe the only love triangle in my reading history which I've forgiven, as also can't decide who is better. But in the matter of friendship between all chatacters, Cassandra Clare outdid herself with this one!

Did you think I wouldn't also add this series? The award for the best friends goes to Harry, Hermione and Ron!


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