A publishing journey: "Three Ghosts for Anastasia" by Alexandra Perchanidou. Where I rave and cry happy tears!

This post is going to be one of the happy ones. I don't usually trouble you with my life outside the blogspere but today the occasion demands it.

On 2011, when I still was a uni student, I began writing my first attempt on a trilogy. I still haven't began blogging and the Greek bookish market still raved over the Paranormal genre. Add in my love for History, mythology and my birth city, Thessaloniki, and voila! The first draft of "Three Ghosts for Anastasia" was born.

Fast forward to 2015. After learning how to blog, following authors, reading advice and watching videos about formatting, editing and character/world building development, I began editing the WHOLE trilogy!

At the same time, I researched agents, publishing houses and mostly the trends on genres on the market. And truthfully, it was a little depressing. Not many want to read nowadays ghosts stories as they did 6 years ago and to be frank, I am one of them too. But the trilogy, along with the rest of my works on Wattpad, became a part of me and I love all of my characters.

So, I decided to query my trilogy. I had the honor to have my query critiqued by Lauren James, author of "The Next Together" series and of the upcoming book "The Loneliest Girl in the Universe". It was the first time someone else from my family believed in me and my writing and for that I'm eternally grateful to you Lauren! *sending virtual hugs*

So, after 45 query requests to agents, 8 query requests to publishing houses and after participating on 5 Twitter Pitch contests, the result was...zero. No interest in the trilogy, which was jarring at first but also made me realize that nothing is easy and you must never give up. J.K. Rowling's example of rejected queries from publishing houses kept me from crying too.

And then, on April, I got an email. Tapas Media, a company in San Francisco, was interested on publishing my trilogy on their app. The premise was very innovative, the site also hosts Sarah's Scribbles, who is one of the funniest comic creators I've ever read, and they were very co-operative with my time schedule and the cover production.

The result was for the first book to be published today in the Tapas app, and as I sit here writing this post, I couldn't be happier. Maybe a little teary too!

So, as a book reviewer to a book reviewer, I implore you to try and read my story. And if you like it, leave some love here too!

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