Happy New Year, New Year Resolutions and upcoming Bloganniversary

HAPPY NEW YEAR! No matter where you are, whoever you are with I wish to all of you a great new Year. I hope the new one will be better and more productive for you as also full of good surprises! 

So here's my few New Year resolutions:

1) Finish uni.

2)Hopefully continue with my work.

3) Most of all be healthy and together with my family.

4) Hopefully publish some of my Wattpad works.

But that is not the only reson for today's post! So brace yourselves, for from tommorrow, when I'll begin writing reviews again, you will find a giveaway attached to the reviews! Since 1/2/2014, I began blogging so this will be my very first bloganniversary!

One of the very first blogs I visisted since I began book-blogging was Fiction the New Reality. Be sure to check her up. One another favorite book blogger and fellow Jennifer Armentrout fan is Valerie from Stuck in Books. They are also having their FOUR year bloganniversary with more giveaways to enter!

Finally, I hope you will be well and continue reading more, hope, dream love more!

Here's some love from Theo James/Four!