Sunday, August 24, 2014

Double Review: "Behind Closed Doors" by Tamara Lee and "The Forsaken" by Lisa M. Stasse

Hello everyone! While I was on vacation I got to read some really good and some partially good books! For today and for the next two days I am going to post their reviews and also have two awesome giveaways!
For taday we have "Behind Closed Doors" by Tamara Lee and "The Forsaken" by Lisa M. Stasse

Tomorrow don't miss the reviews and giveaways for "Opposition" by J. Armentrout and "The Lovely and the Lost" by Page Morgan!

Behind Closed DoorsBehind Closed Doors by Tamara Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tamara Lee was one of the first authors who made a friend request on me. :) I liked the summary and decided to read "Behind Closed Doors". It was one of the romances I had for branch (fantasy is my breakfast!)

Kyla, devastated by her boyfriend's cheating and after her friend's help, joins a show which equals on X-factor. There she meets one of the judges who develops feelings for her and soon Ky discovers her talent on music too.

Despite the little too-planned plot, I liked the way Kyla struggled with her feelings and how her self-confidence became better. Also, we get the message that not always glitter and spotlights bring hapiness. :)
The ending? Sweet and realistic and the heroine will become a new star on her cosmos.

Thank you Tamara Lee for the chance and I hope to read more of your work! <3

The Forsaken (The Forsaken, #1)The Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When I read the summary I thought that maybe, just maybe I'll see somethng different. Well, while the plot was original, "Forsaken" gave the sense of re-reading a mix of "Hunger Games" and "Divergent".

Aleena fails to pass a test, which is supposed to show if she'll ever become criminal. At the end she is shipped off to the "Forsaken Land" where another exiled teens try to survive through a civil war between them.

The action while evident on the book, was scarse and the romance was a little too off for my standards; someone could say that it belonged to the type of insta-love.

Characters like Rika, David, Gadya were even more useful thatn Liam and Aleena and quite some scenes between their dialogues felt rushed and quick.

The first book ends with a peomise of rebellion but so far I don't think that I'll touch the second one soon.

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