Interview Day: "The Outcasts" (A Wattpad story) by Alexandra Perchanidou (hoho me!)

I was very surprised when few months back, a user from Wattpad asked me to review one of my works and took an interview of me.

If you don't know, Wattpad is quite a popular site in which nyone can upload stories, novels and participate in various contests. I've been a member since 2012 and that was the first time someone was interested on reviewing one of my stories!

She did post it afterwards on her site and I would be delighted if you could follow her! As for the story she reviewed? Here's the cover made by the talented Emily Taylor and a short summary of the story.

Wattpad summary

Claire thought that being a doorkeeper with that salary was her best chance of escaping her hard life. But the condo hides more secrets than the haunted willow tree or the gargoyle, which seems to move, when nobody looks at it. 
Three men, a bored vampire, a fallen Fae royalty and a lone werewolf are the residents. Outcasts from their races they live in solitude until a girl with cocky attitude lands on their doorstep.

Life became really interesting after that.

Find the book here and if you are interested in more of my stories you can follow me here and Emily Taylor here.