Review: "Fatal" by T.A. Brock

FatalFatal by T.A. Brock
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Zombies people! And not the "Warm Bodies" kind! These are breathing, eating and drinking lots and lots of Water!

Grayson can't wait for the day to meet his Save, the person who will help him turn back into human. But sweet Cori is nothing like that. Shy but strong, kind and gentle she tries to help Grayson and he finds himself torn between his duty and love for her!

Don't let the cover scare you! This is a strong story with both strong main and secondary characters like Aiken and Peg, with mystery and intense feelings. The story for me could easily rival "Warm Bodies" since it gives depth on the zombie-virus, not making them mindless flesh eating monsters. They feel, love and suffer.

The author manages to create a strong setting with the great potential to become even better! :)

What do you think of zombie stories?