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Control (Control, #1)Control by Lydia Kang
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While gentetics always had been a theme on some of the sci-fi novels I'd read, I never expected this use in here.

"Control' is set on a futuristic America where most of the Staes are combined into bigger ones, each with her own ruling. Sisters Zelia and Dyl live in one of those yet the day of their moving, a horrible accident happens. From the first chapters we have the mystery of their location as also the first reasons of those around them.
The characters, despite their X-men like powers were funny as teens with troubled pasts. Cy, for example who also becomes a very strong character as the story unfolds. Zelia also is a strong heroine determined to protect her sister and those around her.

The all genetics theme and the political and ethical issues which come from the story are also worth mentioning. Should they be used for good or bad. Should the people born with these powers exist or no? I hope to see the answer on the second book.

For now: 5 of 5 stars

View all my reviews Until We Fly (Beautifully Broken, #4)Until We Fly by Courtney Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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You can't say Courtney Cole and not mean her "Beautifully Broken" series or the "Minaldi" series!

With the fourth book we have the most emotional, heart moving story of all four books! Brand and Nora are the best of the couples both scarred, both with need to be loved. That's something different from the other books of the series.
Brand is loveless because of a terrible past, while Nora suffers from a vile incindent (which by the way is the 1 star less. Too much for me but that doesn't mean that it wasn't important).

But the most important quote of all?

Before we fall, we fly Believe in yourselves people!

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