Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books that feature Fathers & Father Figures

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This week’s topic is Top Ten Tuesday #113: Dads in Literature and Comics. It was a hard theme, so I decided to add some of the best Father figures I could think.

10: Mo(rtimer) Folchart from Inkheart: I had watched the movie and liked the book. Having a father like Mo is always an adventure!

9: James Potter from Harry Potter series: I admit; I cry every time when Harry's parents appear in the books and the movies!

8: Valjean from Les Miserables: A fine example of a surrogate father!

7: Mr Bennet from Pride & Prejudice: Oh the trials of marrying your daughters! And having a wife whose eyes turn into dollar bills every time she sees a fine gentleman!

6: Alexander from The Bronze Horseman series: Oh my brave sweet Alexander! After everything both he and Tatiana have been through it's wonderful to see him as a father in this book!

5: Simon from The Sexy one: A single father who works and tries to be there for his little daughter. One of my favorites from Lauren Blakely's stand-alones!

4: Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia: Maybe it's the movies or the feeling I got but I always thought that Aslan was a fine example of a father figure. Maybe because in the first book he helps the children very much and offers his wisdom too.

Also another great lion father figure!

3: Julian Blackthorn from the Dark Artifices: No one has fought enough to keep his family together as Julian did. I was heart-broken when I learnt how much he had to endure in order for the Clave not to discover that he was responsible for the Institute.

2: Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman: The world wouldn't gain a hottie like Dick Grayson or the rest of the Robins if it wasn't for Batman! Surrogate father, multi-millionaire by day, the Dark Knight by night, you don't want to mess with this dad!

1: Pick from Be my Hero: Best example of both a surrogate father and later a father himself. He takes care of his best friend's baby boy (who is African American mind you) and later he helps Eva with her own child, who also decides to be a single mother. Best dynamic relationship!

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