Blog Tour Review+Giveaway: "Flames of Auriel" by Erin R. Bedford

Flames of Auriel by Erin R. Bedford
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When living in a world where the prince isn’t always charming, the princess has a mean right hook, and angels are worshiped like gods, love isn’t always easy to find.
Zoe has never been the lady-like princess she's read about in fairy-tales, even with her very own handsome prince to sweep her off her feet. She doesn't know what she dislikes more, his arrogant smirk or the way his grey eyes darken when they fight. Angels help him if he thinks he could tame her.
Asher won't admit it, but he admires the fighting style of his warrior princess. She reminds him of an avenging angel the way her fiery hair whips around her as she takes out her challengers. Dark One help him, but she is as tough an opponent on the battlefield as she is off.
With unknown and unwanted feelings starting to emerge between the two royals, a single goodbye turns into a frantic search for a missing princess. Asher has to find the one woman he never thought he’d miss and keep his kingdom safe from an old enemy. If he fails, the angels may not forgive him this time.


I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

This book was a fine example of a very talented indie author. To my persoanl experience is sad that there are so many indie authors out there with amazing stories, yet they are not well known, either because their book covers are not publishing-industry-worthy or because they get lost into the masses.

Yet, Erin Bedford creates a story in which the Prince is a jerk, the princess kicks ass and the whole plot is a race into the unknown! Filled with funny moments, omance and a well made world building Flames of Auriel is a great read in case you want something light and quick to read. Yet the characters will remain with you!


“Can you believe him? How could he be with her? Her of all people!” She slammed her fist against the cracked wood of the sill. She flinched when some of the wood bit into her skin; the pain only fed into her anger.
“He could have showed up with any other princess, hell even that cousin of his would have been better than that…that…I’m so angry I can’t even think of a decent word to describe her.”
Rebekah’s silence did not surprise the princess one bit. She knew her tangent usually lasted a while and poor Rebekah could never get a word in edgewise. Zoe tried to take in slightly larger breaths as the knot was undone and the corset began to loosen against her chest.
“I know I’m being unreasonable. I don’t need a lecture.” She waved a hand in the air at her quiet friend. “His mother probably forced him. He thinks I’m dead...yeah, yeah.” Zoe let the corset be pulled over her head, happy to get rid of the offending piece of clothing.
Zoe let the corset fall from her hands and leaned her head against the window. Her words caught on the emotion in her voice, “But it still hurts, you know? Just because he thinks I’m gone doesn’t mean watching him with someone else makes it any easier. Maybe I should just tell him the truth. Get it all over with. Garrett hasn’t come back yet and I need a backup plan. What do you think?”
She lifted her head when the girl did not respond. “Becka?”
Zoe’s body stiffened when hands slid around her waist and pulled her back against a hard body. The princess sent a sideways glance at the knives that lay just out of reach on the table. If only she could get to them.
A hand pulled her braid to one side of her neck. She shivered at the breath against it. She moved her feet into a more stable position as she prepared to jam an elbow back at the intruder. Then her heart skipped a beat at the husky words whispered against the skin of her neck.
“I’m not Rebekah.”

About the author:

Erin Bedford is a new fantasy romance author, a computer programmer by day, and a hobby hoarder. She enjoys playing RPG games alongside her husband as well as inventing nonsensical games for her daughter's amusement. Erin lives in the Omaha Nebraska Region and dreams of one day moving where the word snow is nonexistent. Creating fantastical worlds has always been a secret passion of hers and she couldn't imagine writing any story without some kind of lovey-dovey or smexy goodness in it.

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