Review: "Cease and Desist" (The IMA #4) by Nenia Campbell

Cease and Desist by Nenia Campbell
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Michael and Christina are back in the explosive conclusion to the IMA series.

The IMA is an international group of mercenaries who deal in blood the way other businessmen deal in oil or diamonds. There is no commodity they will not provide; and now, their operations have expanded to include human trafficking. Public enemies of the IMA are disappearing, and when they're found again they're in third world brothels...or dead.

AMI was created as a foil to the IMA's efforts; everything the IMA stands for, AMI is against. Everyone in the group has something to lose and the only goal that unites them is the desire for the death of the IMA's leader: Adrian Callaghan.

But when one of AMI's operatives turns up dead, both Christina and Michael are forced to go undercover to infiltrate Adrian Callaghan's seediest venture yet.

This time, it's personal.

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In the final book of the IMA series Michael and Christina will have to face not only Andrian, the sick creature of a man who wants them gone, but also their own selves.

Nenia Cambell manages to create a story that's full of action, sexy scenes and raw emotion. All through the story from the POVs of Christina amd Michael we get to see their inner world as also their struggle to save each other, even if that means destroying themselves. Add in lots of fireguns and quite some disturbing scens and you will surely think that James Bond is a fluffy man who dances through his missions.

As for the ending? I didn't expect to get this kind of cliffhanger(?) because I believe that Nenia will not leave me hanging from my tablet wondering what can happen next.

Not only she got to hold my attention and cry buckets but also she never stops amazing me with her writing talent and her honest aspect of creating flawed yet determined characters in her stories.

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Nenia Campbell was born and raised in the United States. From infancy, she was fond of books- especially the cardboard ones; they were the most delicious. As she grew older, she learned that 'devouring a book' was a phrase not to be taken literally. As a result, she became a very enthusiastic reader. When she discovered that the stories she wanted to read did not exist she became an enthusiastic writer, as well.

She hopes that you have a lovely day.