Fairy Tale Fortnight Participation: A fanfiction of Mine from Wattpad


If you're new to Fairy Tale Fortnight (or FTF), basically it's a 2 week-long celebration of all things fairy tale and fairy tale-esque.  Every day you'll find numerous fairy tale goodies — reviews, discussions, giveaways, interviews, guest posts, vlogs — probably some other things, too! And all of these things will be brought to The Book Rat and the co-host, Bonnie from A Backwards Story.

On each page during FTF, you'll see something like this:


So on today's post from my blog here's a fanfiction I wrote on Wattpad based on the Disney characters! (click the cover to take you to the site)


The cover was made by a user of Wattpad and the story is a mix of romance, adventure and Disney! Here's the summary! :)

"The Rose will banish the Shadows forever and the worlds will be saved once again."

Roxanne lived her life struggling between life and death, due to her defective heart. The surgery on France would be mybe her lat resort. But her family visit on Eurodisney hides unexpected "guests".
Why is Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and Jack Sparrow together? And why through them Roxanne aquires the Blue Rose, a mystical necklace with amazing powers?
Together with them, and with the stolen pirate ship from Eurodisney, they embark on a journey to a world, where the fairytales are all true and the secrets of the Guardian lie within.