Review: "Sublime" by Christina Lauren

SublimeSublime by Christina Lauren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Summary from GoodReads

Love is . . . beautiful, dangerous, scary. Sublime . . .

A boy emerges. Wild, dark curls fall into his eyes. In that moment her silent heart twists beneath the empty walls of her chest. This is the first physical sensation she has had since waking under a sky full of falling leaves. 

Something about the light in his eyes when he looks up makes her ache to share herself with him.

But share what? Her mind? Her body? How can she share things she doesn't know?


I believe that "Sublime" has the position of the most haunting read of 2014. It's a story of love, humor but most of all...loss.

Lucy awake alone into the grounds of a private school with no recolection of her past. Then she meets Colin.
Their attraction is instant but not the insta-love occasion. The plot is a mystery itself and it grips you until the moment you get the answers. While Colin tries to find out more about Lucy, she becomes more and more stronger, especially when Colin realises that the closer to death he is, the closer he gets to Lucy.

Many would think that Colin is an uncaring character, who thinks little for himself. But his own personal story is one of loneliness. Through Lucy he finds somewhere to belong and she too needs him. Although I would think her as the bad character of the story, when i reached the final pages, i was stunned.

The ending was one of those where you can clearly can say "what happened now?" but the real point was the lesson: no one can survive alone and sometimes love can win against the seperation of death.

Emotional, sensual, a must read!